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We are SO delighted with PetHaven!!!!

Our Chihuahuas, Pink and Michael Jackson are our precious fur babies, so 10 days in Quarantine was a very scary thought for us...but we had absolutely nothing to worry about as they were looked after so well & cared for extremely well.

We moved from England to New Zealand and they had a very long journey...PetHaven made sure they were calm and looked after above & beyond!!!!

We received regular photos and updates throughout their 10 day stay which made us feel at ease. When we collected them, they were happy & excited, not scared or worried at all. They were in great condition and we could tell they had been cared for extremely well.

We highly recommend PetHaven. Thank you SO MUCH for caring for our babies so well.

XxThe Seymours


Hello Robyn and Jane,

When we decided to bring our dog Bristol over from Taiwan we had to choose a quarantine location for her. We decided on Pethaven even though it was a considerably longer drive from where we live because we were impressed by the condition of the boarding facilities for dogs.
We were also impressed by the professionalism and care which Jane showed us she gave us a tour of the facility. Pethaven is located in the countryside just outside Auckland with lots of space and fresh air.

The cages were large and spacious and very clean. We also noticed that all the dogs in quarantine appeared to be well cared for and seemed to be happy to see Jane. Jane also helped us a lot with understanding what we needed to get done in order to import Bristol. We emailed or called her a number of times for help understanding exactly what we needed to do and the best way to achieve it.

One of our main concerns in bringing Bristol over is that she gets very nervous in cages and when she is stressed she gets itchy skin and scratches and bites herself. When she first arrived in NZ she had scratched herself and had a lot of itchy patches on her skin. We were very concerned for her and so were Robyn and Jane so they got her a special shampoo for her skin and got a special diet for her skin condition. As a result when we saw her 2 days later she was much better and much to our surprise she was comfortable and happy in her cage.

The large size and clean conditions were one reason, another reason was that Bristol was happy to see Robyn when she let us in to see Bristol which proved to us that Bristol had been very well cared for and also played with. When we were unable to visit Bristol Jane emailed us updates on her condition and also emailed us some pictures. As well as caring so well for Bristol the exporting vet in Taiwan got the timing for some of Bristols blood tests wrong by 7 days so Bristol's blood tests were 7 days out of date which meant that Bristol was non compliant.

This would mean that Bristol would have to spend at least 10 more days in quarantine and we have to get the blood tests done again before she could be released. Straight away Pethaven applied to the government to get Bristol a waiver/excemption which we were granted. Not only did this save us money but more importantly it meant that Bristol could come home 10 days earlier. For their help with importing Bristol and the care they showed her we will always grateful to them and would recommend them to anyone wanting to import a pet to New Zealand.

Mike and Emily

Hello Robyn and Jane,

Mike and Emily

Just a message to say my dogs have arrived safely on this side. They are very happy to see us and seem like their old selves. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone involved so extremely much for everything you have done. My dogs are very happy and I can see they have been well loved and looked after.

It has been an emotional ride for us and, as it turns out, they landed precisely one year after my wife landed in Australia. I never had any doubts when I asked for your services and I am very very very happy with your work from the day we started communicating.
Thanks you for everything.

Stephan and Elmarie Krynauw

Brenda Wille
Thank you...
...for looking after us so well.

We're very excited to be reunited with our mom and dad and think our new home has potential. We're still a little confused by what's going on, but we're sure we're going to feel better when mom takes us to the beach later.

Have a lovely day.

Love Starsky, Hutch, Dobey and Huggy Bear

Hi there,

I would just like to give my deepest thanks to Robyn and your team at Pet Haven for the amazing job you did in helping to get our dog "Jedd" back home to Australia.

Jedd was supposed to come directly from Fiji home to Australia but there was a last second issue with the doors on the plane and he had to be offloaded. The only flight we could find was one with a 12 hour stop in New Zealand. We only a couple hours to book a pet handling company to handle all the paper work and the pick up and drop off from the airport. We were in a bind to say the least. Pet Haven was recommended to us and within minutes I was on the phone to Robyn trying to organize everything.

She could tell I was beyond stressed and really understood how much we cared about our beloved Jedd. She stayed very calm and professional and explained to me exactly what needed to be done and that she basically had everything set in place already. Not only that but all of this took place after work hours!

She let us know that Jedd had made it on and off the plane ok as well as being looked after by being fed, given water and some new bedding after his stressful ordeal.

I really can't say enough about how helpful and professional Pet Haven was. We would highly recommend Robyn and the team for any import/export needs in New Zealand. We couldn't have done it without them.

Thanks again!
Kristin, Jas, and Jedd :)

Dear all at Pethaven,

Just a few words to say thank you for your excellent care of Skipper while he was in quarantine from the U.K. When we arrived to collect him after his 10 days quarantine with you, he looked so happy,healthy and in such good condition, and he was so relaxed!! We were very grateful too, for the photos you sent us of him during our waiting period, as we'd decided it was kinder not to visit until we could take him away with us. It was obvious that he was given lots of love which made him feel secure, and after we collected him it was as if nothing had happened !

Initially we stayed with our daughter and her young family in Auckland and he palled up with their old dog. They are great buddies now.

We have now got a lovely rental in Maungaturoto, a rural, hilly, pretty, very friendly place an hour and a half north of Auckland with a huge flat garden ideal for the agility work I do with Skip. We all get a swim most days as a beautiful beach is only a ten minute drive away , or end up in the river where there is a deep swimming hole. Skip just loves the water, and it helps to keep him cool this very hot spell. Just as well he likes the heat! So once again thank you so much and a big woof from Skip.

Kindest regards
Britt Sansom